Dynabook and Librestream - working together

Librestream pioneered the remote expert capability with the vision to enable workers in the field and transform workforces for a more resilient future through advanced AR and AI solutions.

Onsight is the leading global augmented reality platform that scales knowledge across your operations and enhances workforce efficiency, safety, and resiliency. Compatible with existing workflows and ecosystems, Onsight provides immediate access to the content, people, relevant data, and guidance needed — in any environment and on any device.

Dynabook and Libresteam: working as one

Hear from David Sims, Solutions Sales Specialist at Dynabook, and
learn more about the Onsight augmented reality platform.

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Key features

Key Platform Highlights

1. Remote expert: share live video, pictures, talk and draw with remote experts – even in ultra-low bandwidth environments with as little as 30 kbps

2. AI Cognitive Services: Inform workers using AI services such as object detection and natural language processing for speech to text translations.

3. Knowledge preservation: Auto-tag and auto-upload content to a secure repository. Share and integrate with existing back-end systems to centralize content.

4. Integrated solution: Integrate Onsight with customer service management systems to streamline workflows and brand for consistent messaging.

5. IoT Data Visualization: Connected to IoT platforms and display data for workers in the field. View telementry data and flag exceptions for safe operation.

6. Guided Work Instructions: Convert paper in to digital step-by-step work instructions for consistent work, immediate data capture and auditable processes.

7. Broadest Device Support: Deploy on smartphones, tablets, PCs and enterprise wearables with voice support. Share visuals from specialized test instruments.

8. Security & IT Controls: Multi-level enterprise security such as, On-premises and Single Sign On with full IT controls over bandwidth and privacy settings.

Onsight and dynaEdge in action

Watch the video to see a demo of Onsight on the dynaEdge.

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Onsight and dynaEdge in action

What this looks like in real life

To get a feel for how Onsight and dynaEdge can boost productivity and improve the customer experience, take a look the scenario below.


A service technician for a large aerospace engine manufacturer is on a service call at a customer location. The technician comes across an issue.


The technician uses Onsight remote expertise to collaborate with an expert to immediately solve the issue.



Using Onsight remote expertise, the technician was able to immediately fix the problem and get the customer up and running quickly.

Onsight can help businesses to:

  • Mentor and train junior staff up to 33% faster1
  • Cut support call length by 50%1
  • Perform remote maintenance up to 60% faster1
  • Accelerate new product time to market 10-20%1
  • Increase equipment uptime 5-10%1

  • 1Librestream

    Discover how dynaEdge and Librestream can transform your way of working and increase productivity.

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