Our vision is clear: safety comes first

VisionAR safety glasses by Univet EyeTechLab take a unique approach to eyeglass technology.

The headset itself includes a monocular projection system based on the Sony holographic optical waveguide engine. This is incorporated into a safety glass device that meets maximum safety levels (certified with ANSI Z87.1+ and EN166). The VisionAR safety glass can also fit over a wearer’s own prescription glasses, ensuring total protection. With so much care and detail put into the design, users can be confident that they can carry out their work in comfort.

Key features

Key features

  • 419(h) x 138(v) pixel monochromatic green “see-through” display with 200nits brightness
  • Optional top-mount 5MP camera
  • Single axis trackpad
  • 90g weight
  • IP54 splash proof

VisionAR and dynaEdge: a vision of success

The VisionAR glasses were originally developed to work with a dedicated computing and power control unit. Now, users can connect them to the dynaEdge via the Type-C USB connection. As a result, the power, security and versatility of Windows can be delivered to the VisionAR glasses, while the dynaEdge provides the necessary power to drive them. It’s a winning combination.

VisionAR and dynaEdge: a vision of success

What this looks like in real life


The VisionAR glasses are undergoing continuous development to support Windows. By using the EyeTechLab development kit, the glasses can be integrated into your software to allow hands-free work – allowing users to work faster than ever before. The small display offers the ability to deliver just the core instructions and avoids any distraction by removing visual clutter. This helps users remain focussed, so they can carry out their work efficiently. Remote support, manufacturing and logistics solutions are all possible with VisionAR glasses, too.

Discover how dynaEdge and EyeTechLab VisionAR glasses can transform your way of working and increase productivity.

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